Practice Day 19th July 2020

We are pleased to announce a practice day on Sunday 19th July for Grimley Formulas Only – Jnr Ministox, Girl Power, Stock Rods, Hot 1600’s, 2Ltr Rods & F2 Outlaws – No Racing No Contact. BANGERS – Strictly No Contact any deliberate contact will enforce a Ban.
The event will be scheduled to start at 1pm, gates open at 11am.

Cost – The price for practice will be £40.00 per driver + 1 mechanic and must be paid in advance. PLEASE NOTE:- Car sharing is NOT permitted due to COVID-19 rules at this practice session.Drivers who have purchased a 2020 season licence, you can either have a refund or have it replaced with a 2021 licence.

Booking Information – Bookings open at 9.30am on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

All bookings MUST be made and paid for in advance by 4pm on Thursday 16th July 2020. Bookings will be accepted on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Book in on the website – please supply your name formula and number, and your mechanics name, using an active email so we can send you the covid-19  practice day risk assesment, disclaimer form which you must print, complete and bring with you on the day of practice and payment details. Once your payment has been processed this acts as your agreement and there will be no refunds. No Payment no booking. Please do not turn up on the day if you have not booked in and payed.

Attendance & PPE – At the practice session it will be strictly Driver + 1 mechanic.  Jnr Ministox  Driver + 2 parents/guardians. All drivers and mechanics will be required to supply their own racing PPE as normal plus a face mask and disposable hygienic gloves which must be worn at all times once within the pit area and stadium except in the case of the driver when you have your racing PPE on to practice.


Pit Parking – Gates open at 11am, please follow the verbal and hand signals of the pit marshal. All transporters will be required to park whilst leaving a ‘cars’ gap between each other. REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST BE WEARING YOUR FACE MASK AND DISPOSABLE HYGENIC GLOVES BEFORE ENTERING THE RACEWAY GROUNDS. F2 Outlaws, Stock Rods and 2Ltr Rods will all have their annual silencer db reading on track from Midday onwards. All other vehicles will have a silencer check.

Social Distancing – Maintain a minimum of 1 meters social distancing 2meters where possible.

Toilets – Toilets will be provided but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing to use the facilities. Only one person will be permitted into the male or female toilets at any time.

Refreshments – Food and drink will be available from the Burger van but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing.

Further information will be announced once the bookings have closed and the running order published.