Rules & Regs

Grimley Girl Power
Small saloons upto 1400cc front wheel drive with limited mods.
A non contact formula for girls aged 16 and over.

792 Jess Tout

2 Litre Rods
Any rear wheel drive saloon complete with doors, bumpers, bonnet and boot. Pinto engine and gearbox unto 2000cc with limited mods. Maximum length of vehicle 4m.
A non contact formula.

116 Steve Bishop

F2 Outlaws
These cars are purpose built with a single seat, rear wheel drive and are open wheel design with any Ford single over head cam engine at the front with no more than 2000cc.
A semi contact formula.

299 Will Jackson

Hot 1600’s
Small saloons up to 1600cc front wheel drive with limited mods.
Non contact formula.

127 Kevin Giess

Jnr Ministox
Age 10-16, 1000cc Mini in standard form as listed in glasses guide. Must be complete with all doors, wings, boot & bonnet. Modified suspension, fully framed and caged.
A non contact formula.

245 Kyle Broadway

Stock Rods
Any front engine, front or rear wheel drive saloon car. Engine size max 1400c and min 1000cc. 8 valve engine with minimum mods.
A non contact formula.

117 Mark Francis

B2B Bangers
Max 1800cc bangers, designed as a fun, low cost entry into bangers without the big hits. Strictly” tap and spin”

National Bangers
Bangers as the name suggests is a full contact crashing formula. Destroying the opposition is the preferred object rather than winning the race!

421 Josh Mayo